6 Ways Virtual Bookkeepers Can Win at Work and Home

Virtual Bookkeepers face unique challenges since they are balancing their client load and home responsibilities in the same place. This can be a challenge for every Virtual Bookkeeper, whether married or single. Throw in a couple of kids, and the home responsibilities are multiplied exponentially. What boundaries can you create to excel in both areas?
“Once you have decided on the amount of work you can handle, stick to it”

Here are 6 tips for Virtual Bookkeepers to win at work and home:

  1. Know how many hours of work you can handle. If you are feeling overwhelmed, evaluate your workload.
  2. Create a niche for yourself. What specific skills do you have? What is your ideal client? In what area can you make yourself the expert?
  3. Create a calendar. Want to be available when your kids get off the bus? Set up a calendar around your kid’s schedules. Get up 2 hours earlier than your family or go to sleep 2 hours later. Become aware of where you are spending your unproductive time and adjust.
  4. Embrace new technology. Paperless and cloud-based accounting is especially important right now. If you feel uncomfortable learning new systems, be brave and dive right in. Be patient with yourself and see the learning process as an adventure.
  5. Schedule your chores. Whether you have delegated the responsibilities to family members or you are single and on your own, plan ahead when the chores will be done. If it’s not on the calendar, it will not get done!
  6. Be willing to accept help from family and friends when it is offered. Also, be willing to ask for help when you need it. This is especially important during tax season!

As a Virtual Bookkeeper, your work/home balance will look different today than it will five years from now. Evaluate where you are today and implement just one or two of these ways to win. Through intentional and purposeful action, you can win at both work and home.

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