5 Strategies to Attract Ideal Clients for Your Virtual Bookkeeping Business

Attracting the right clients for your Virtual Bookkeeping Business is the key to your future success. Start with some thought and strategy about how you want to build your Virtual Bookkeeping Business and the clients that go with it.

Here are five strategies to attract ideal clients for your virtual bookkeeping business.

Look introspectively

Spend some time mapping out what you enjoy most about your business, what you contribute and offer your clients, and what makes your organization unique. Ask yourself, “What authentically sets me apart from my competition?”

Next, consider what you want for your business and how you want your firm to look, feel and operate. These elements are typically enshrined in core values and exhibited in cultural norms.

Then, make some notes on what you need to change, in order for you to be the firm that you and your clients want it to be.

By identifying what is authentic to you, it will be easier to implement your plan.


Pick a specialization — be it an industry niche, point in the business life cycle, or a unique service or function you perform.

Specializing allows you to focus on, and attract, clients that are looking for a bookkeeper with just the expertise and ability to address their needs and wants without other distraction.

Develop processes

Strategizing and defining the processes for how you want to work with, and support, your ideal client allows you to take two different entities and create a balanced pairing.

The processes are a guide for you and your client to both know what to expect from each other, what level of involvement is required and will be provided, and how you can complement his or her existing processes.


By looking introspectively and specializing, you create a basis for fame, recognition and communication. Once selected, you must share that with the right audience.

Spend your time marketing yourself, your brand and your specializations, using modes and methods your ideal clients identify with that will allow you to be very specific in your efforts.

Create relationships

Invest in relationships with your clients and potential clients in your chosen specialization. Build upon the foundation you have set, using these strategies to attract the ideal client, and continually celebrate the unique relationship, benefits and complement between you and your clients.

With a little thought and planning, development, marketing, and investment of time in relationships, specialization can attract the ideal clients to your virtual bookkeeping business.

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